it Was the summer of 1985 i was in hills of  Misilmeri, sicily wheree my i visited my Aubt every summerfor vacation 01f0ab3d5aad55b5d1a0c6ed5f52a9f4f6fb9c2a08

i awoke to My Zia franca to making tagliatelle by hand, no machine Just flour, eggs, salt and a wooden roller i watched for a few minutes before i went with my Zio Vincenzo  to the large garden that they had,  really more like a farm where they Harvested all the food that they would use for the winter from olive oil to jarred tomato’s for the sauce it was all grown there. I knew at that moment that i wanted to be a chef and that food was so much more than just nourishment it was a long lasting tradition . When i cook i do it with love and that’s what goes in to every dish so if you haven’t been here follow this link to make your reservation